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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Miss Dandy - Sissies Don't Need Balls (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Miss Dandy - Sissies Don't Need Balls (1080 HD) - Ballbusting

I have this sissy bitch from Cali that came here to be used and abused by me. It isn’t a pain slut but Miss Dandy and I definitely turned it into one. LOL!

This freak wrote me and begged to serve me so after it did the few mandatory steps that I demanded of it, it was allowed to come to the Manor. It’s list of fetishes were extremely lame so I informed it before it came all the way here that I would do with it as I please… and so I did! HAhahaha

Once Miss Dandy got home I filled her in on this sissy situation and then we decided that sissies don’t need balls and we should definitely help it out with that, Mean Girl style of course.

I restrained it laying down on the floor to the end of my bed with cuffs and then went to get Miss Dandy. I was sure to warn Miss Dandy about how much of a hot mess it was. Not cute at all and pretty freaking pathetic if you ask me.

Once we came up to my room where this sissy was securely restrained we got down to business… we took turns destroying its disgusting sissy balls. We stepped on them, we punched them, we slapped them… we all around destroyed those balls. It was fun!

You know that we love to destroy cocks and balls here at Mean Girls, so if you also have a useless pair of nasty balls or a tiny little cock that is just taking up space in your cute little girlie panties, you can message us on our website and we can also help you out with that problem. LOL!

Goddess Platinum

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