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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber - Trample The Terrorist (4K) - Trampling

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber - Trample The Terrorist (4K) - Trampling

You would think a terrorist who jumped through all the hoops to come and serve Us might be able to take a beating better than Our everyday live-in slaves, but that just goes to prove how wrong assumptions often are. After sending a deposit, it’s ID, and getting to the Manor on time, this weak dick loser promised it could endure anything My Niece and I could dish out… We started simple letting it worship Our Chucks as We laughed at what an ugly little dumb brown twat it was… and then We decided to have some fun… We dragged it to its cage and put it through the paces… We started with trampling in just our chucks, jumping, and crushing it’s worthless little body. We then swapped out our chucks for sexy high heels… within minutes it was crying out and pleading for mercy… We continued laughing and humiliating the thing and giving it modest breaks in between bouts of abuse…. and even with the beating being broken up to let it’s stupid ass recover, this pussy still whined and cried so much, we went back to destroying it in our chucks… we showed zero mercy… eventually I got sick of hearing it and dragged it across the carpet and back to it’s isolation cage…. where it promptly coughed up an excessive amount of cash to be released from it’s promise to let Amber and I do whatever We wanted to it… probably a good decision on it’s part, as We were just starting it’s abuse as it bitched out and crawled away with it’s micro dick between it’s legs…. HAHAHAhahahaha…. another loser tries and fails to live up to its exaggerated claims of toughness…. NEXT…… lol

Goddess Platinum

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