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The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - You Suck (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - You Suck (1080 HD) - Foot Worship

I had my pathetic old slave locked in the restraints at the end of my bed for at least 6 months now and still haven’t let it worship my feet. I attempted to use it for its purpose once or twice at the beginning. Lol! But now every morning and night I keep saying, “Tomorrow, tomorrow maybe!” Haha but you know why I haven’t allowed it the amazing opportunity to worship my feet again? Cause it sucks!

I swear it must be because this freak is so old and moldy, but putting my perfect toes in its mouth is like sticking my toes into a dried up old marshmallow. EWWWWW! I’m sure it can’t help the fact that it’s as old as a dinosaur but it’s not only that… it just sucks all around! I get it has never ever touched any part of a real woman’s body but man, practice on your blow up doll or something.

Anyways, last night when I was laying in bed I decided that I was going to show this horrible foot slave how a real foot enthusiast should be worshipping my feet.

I woke up to this disgusting sight of this slave eagerly awaiting, with high hopes of today being the day. But then I crushed all its hopes and dreams by letting it know I was giving another slave the blessed opportunity of worshipping my beyond perfect feet. When right then the other slave knocks. Perfect timing.

I forced this dumb slave to watch a good foot slave worship one foot while teasing it with the other. I made the good foot slave tell me how perfect my feet are and I then told the horrible foot slave how much it sucked!

I’m so glad I had this other foot freak come and worship my feet. There is no better way to start the day then with some amazing foot worship. It was like heaven!

Once I was done with the real good foot freak I made it wipe my feet down and sent it off to cook my breakfast. Then I teased my geezer slave and asked it if it watched closely enough to have maybe learned something? Asked it if it had one more chance, could it do something right FOR ONCE? Haha I made it open its mouth and gagged it with my foot over and over, right to the edge of puking from its gag reflex. Then I told it, “You still SUCK!” and I informed it of what was to come of it. LOL!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a reallllly good foot slave? I am always collecting new slaves and really we can never have too many good foot slaves. If you think you have what it takes, write me… But don’t be dumb, you better send me a tribute first or you will just be ignored like the time waster you are.

Goddess Platinum

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