The Mean Girls – Goddess Suvana – 1000 Mile Goddess

The Mean Girls - Goddess Suvana - 1000 Mile Goddess

A loser that has watched Goddess Suvana’s clips has travelled 1000 miles to Mean Girl manor just to throw himself at her feet in worship of her beauty n tell her how AMAZINGLY beautiful she is…

But she already KNOWS how beautiful she is – and she is the ULTIMATE “Brat Goddess”. So she proceeds to berate the loser, talk down to him, and pick him apart 4 being the worthless, groveling creature that he is. He cowers at her feet and they BOTH know that she is completely superior to him. But no matter how MEAN she is to him…he STILL worships her! She spits on him, slaps him across the face – nothing fazes him. He is in awe of her beauty and there is nothing that can be done. He`ll be a helpless slave to her for the rest of his pathetic life.

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