The Mean Girls – Jerking Sissy Punishment (1080 HD) – Princess Carmela

The Mean Girls - Jerking Sissy Punishment (1080 HD) - Princess Carmela

What was this loser doing? Is this slave stroking its cock? And you are dressed like a whore? Jacking his little shrimp dick in our bathroom? That’s fucking disgusting! Ewww! I think this slave needs to be punished for being such a pervert. This slave is going to learn ifit wants to be a whore, we will teach it to be a whore…

Now that it’s been revealed to us all at the manor how much this sissy bitch wants to be a cock-sucking whore, I think I shame it like the slut it clearly wants to be. I slap its face and drag it around by it’s leash. On camera I force this slut-slave to admit how much it wants to be suck dick. Just what this slut will do for some big fat cock. Full fledged humiliation is just the beginning of what we have in store for this whore.

Princess Carmela

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12 min

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