The Mean Girls – Lap Dance Your Face – Princess Aria and Princess Bella

The Mean Girls - Lap Dance Your Face - Princess Aria and Princess Bella

This loser said he had an ass fetish, and we are about to find out. This may not be what he had in mind, but losers don’t get ass in the way real men get ass. Nope, the only ass he is gonna get is Princess Aria’s ass right on his loser nose. THAT is what you losers get. You get our nasty air. How’s the smell, huh loser? Aria’s ass smell good? No? Oh it smells like c.rap huh, well what a surprise! That’s why u`re a LOSER chained up to our bench with your brown nose right up her butt! It’s not supposed to smell good, supposed to smell like slavery and like the little bitch u r. Go smell that air, get a good whiff of Princess Aria’s sweaty ass and know that you`ll ALWAYS be a loser. This is what you get from us, and not a THING more. Be lucky we even let you breathe at all, even that is already way too generous of us.

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