The Mean Girls – Piggy Gets Fed (1080 HD) – Princess Chanel, Princess Ashley

The Mean Girls - Piggy Gets Fed (1080 HD) - Princess Chanel, Princess Ashley

(custom clip) “Your slave is in a cage outside. You go to cage and let him out and force him to lick your high-heel boots including the sole, while u slap his face and spit into his mouth. Then you put a leash on his collar n walk him like a on the sprawling property for approx. Three min. Please film his walking from the front, side and back. During the walk you boss him around harshly. You lead him to the wet muddy flower beds and take a can of food (change label to read “pig food” with black sharpie) and pour the “pig” food on the muddy ground. Then you squish the food into the mud with your boot and tell him to squirm forward till his face is right over the food you just trampled into the mud. You place your boot on the back of his head and order him to start eating while commanding him to “oink” for u. Next you sit down; he kneels before you and licks your muddy boot soles with “pig” food stuck to them clean. At the end you pour more “pig” food on the wet mud and you firmly grab his head by the hair and you spoon feed him the “pig” food-mud mixture till his mouth is well filled. Then you duct tape his mouth and lead him back to the cage Please abuse the slave verbally during the whole clip and let him know how pathetic he is.”

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1453 mb
22 min


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