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The Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Princess Aria - New Little Dick Slave (SD) - SPH

The Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Princess Aria - New Little Dick Slave (SD) - SPH

Princess Bella and Princess Aria acquired a new slave they are calling slave “little dick” for obvious reasons. They make the slave lay down flat on his back legs apart so his little cock is fully exposed to their judgmental gaze. Princess Bella and Princess Aria sit above him with riding crops in their hands. Princess Bella says his cock looks like a little useless worm. Princess Bella asks the slave how big his tiny cock can get when it’s fully hard and the slave says five inches. Princess Bella is holding a tape measure in her hand and she measures out five inches laughing at how small that is. Princess Bella asks Princess Aria if she would ever have sex with a guy with a cock that small and she answers absolutely not out of the question. Princess Aria says she would just laugh at a cock that small. Princess Bella agrees and mentions that her current boyfriend has a big 9 inch cock. Princess Bella wonders if the reason the slave became a submissive in the first place was because he knew his cock was too small and that the only way he could ever please women was by becoming her slave.

The slave is positioned on his hands and knees and made to admit that he can’t please women and that his cock is useless and doesn’t deserve to be touched. Princess Bella and Princess Aria begin spanking him with their riding crops while forcing him to apologize for having a tiny cock. They keep beating him until he is begging and kissing Princess Bella’s feet to make it stop. It is super humiliating for the slave to hear the truth about his small cock from two superhot girls that are completely honest about the importance of penis size.

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