The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Cuckbitch Meets My New Man (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Princess Carmela - Cuckbitch Meets My New Man (1080 HD)

So my man moved in recently. But I didn’t want to let go of my live-in slave. I mean, my bitch slave means NOTHING to me – but it is sooo useful though! What girl would want to give that up? Having some loser around that just obeys your every command at the snap of your fingers n literally worships you as its religion…i mean, its great! And I DESERVE to have the “best of both worlds”, as they say! So when my man was moving in, I just casually commanded my live-in to crawl into the back of the closet and cover itself under some blankets and to SHUT THE FUCK UP. That was like DAYS ago LOL! And it is like sooo obedient…it doesn’t make a sound! And the poor thing had to listen as me n my Alpha man were fucking super loud and long every night – just a few feet away from my slave’s closet! He admitted later that he was literally CRYING as he listened the 1st night! So that just made me fuck even LOUDER n LONGER the next night cuz I am so sadistic that it actualy TURNS ME ON to know that my moans of ecstasy are causing agony for my slave in the closet! HAHA. So anyways, I decided after a few days of this to finally order my slave to crawl out of the closet and meet its new “Master”- my Alpha boyfriend! My slave is so embarrassed…I would say “mortified” is a better word. But he has to admit what a big muscular stud my BF is. SO much better than my scrawny, ugly bald slave haha. My boyfriend thinks its hilarious and happily joins in to help me humiliate this loser that has been literally living in my closet for days just to be around me – even while I fuck a REAL man. Watch this clip to hear what we say to him and see how I make his bitch-ass kiss my feet while I make out with a REAL man! (It sooo turns me on to have losers worship my feet while I make out with and fuck REAL men!!)

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