The Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – Real Life Cuck Abuse (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Princess Carmela - Real Life Cuck Abuse (1080 HD)

Princess Carmela and her real-life boyfriend Sir Shane don’t waste their time with just any fucking pathetic losers that beg to serve them as a couple. They have got to be useful and obedient fucking losers. Like they need to offer them something of value, suffer tons of abuse for their amusement, and be willing to do anything either of them say – no matter how degrading or humiliating. And if you want to serve Them, u better at least bring gifts for your Superiors, right? That’s the task for stupid “Cousin It” in this clip. He clearly has nothing else to offer his Superior Couple Owners, so he comes bearing trinkets and dresses for his Superiors. Carmela opens her gifts right in front of him…pretty new dresses, nighties that Sir Shane will love to fuck her in later…and Sir Shane is amused by a nice new crown. And then there’s the CASH this real-life loser presented to his Superiors too – always a good gift for Royalty!

And what is this loser’s reward for worshiping us, PAYING us, and literally groveling at Our royal feet?? He literally gets spit on. That’s right – we spit right in his fucking face and laugh at him. LOL!! He comes crawling to us with cash and gifts – just to have the privilege of licking the DIRT off the bottom of our royal shoes – and he gets a face full of Carmela’s spit. Sounds pretty fair to me!

Maybe he should not be such a loser if he doesn’t want to drink Carmela’s spit. Until then, that’s all his loyalty and gifts will get him! And he better THANK us and be GRATEFUL for it! Or else it will get worse for him…

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