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The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum - 2 Ashtrays Are Better Than 1 (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum - 2 Ashtrays Are Better Than 1 (1080 HD)

Ugh it was 110 degrees outside and I had to convince Goddess Platinum to come out in the sweltering heat to have a smoke with me. She only agreed to brave the heat if we had 2 slave ashtrays. LOL!

Goddess Platinum decides she would come out to have a smoke in an hour so she immediately cuffed 2 of our freaks to our back patio and left them out there to sweat their asses off. Hahaha She is so insanely cruel, I love it!!!

When I saw she was using that old wrinkly slave I asked why that one? She informed me it’s because it hates being an ashtray and it makes her laugh every time it freaks out when we ash in its mouth… so strictly for our entertainment. LOL!

When we were finally ready to suck it up and brave the heat we made sure we had an ice cold bottle of water to enjoy while our slaves suffer from thirst. We went out, chatted for a bit, enjoyed our cigarettes and laughed a lot. This dinosaur fart slave literally hates being used as an ashtray, it’s hilarious.

We made sure we didn’t waste any ashes, we got them all in our slaves mouths. We wanted to make sure they didn’t forget how incredibly hot it is so we spit our ice cold water at them a few times just to shock them.

When we were done and couldn’t handle another minute of the heat we made our disgusting ashtray slaves eat our butts and we left them to melt.

Prince$$ Mia 😉

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