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ATF on FuckedFeet - Alexis Tae's High Arches and Long Toes! - Foot Worship
03 Aug, 2020

This girl has the most GORGEOUS sol...
someguy on The English Mansion - Miss Tiffany Naylor - Ruined Handjob - Complete Movie
30 Jul, 2020

Any chance this could be re-uploade...

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The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum - Our New Wierd Looking Ashtray (1080 HD) - Human Ashtray

The Mean Girls - Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum - Our New Wierd Looking Ashtray (1080 HD) - Human Ashtray

So sometimes when we’re relaxing out by the pool in the backyard here at the Manor, we forget to grab an ashtray before lighting up… so what’s the solution.. use a loser slave of course… and My new little pathetic soulless ginger is the perfect brand of ugly and disgusting to use for the task.. so We have it laid at Our feet and Princess Mia and I have a great time discussing things, ignoring Our nasty little ashtray, and regularly ashing and spitting in its mouth…. hahahahaha….

This pathetic fool sat there taking Our hot ashes in its mouth, being spat upon and degraded, just for the chance to be in Our presence… it is so sickly looking and pasty it probably got sunburned in the ten minutes it laid there eating Our ashes and spit, loving every minute of the abuse just to have any chance to be of use to Us… but what would you expect? That We’d actually talk to this loser if it wasn’t doing everything We said to amuse us and debase itself for Our attention? I think not… hahahaha… loser beta males know where they belong around Us… kneeling, bowing, begging, and doing everything We fucking say if they hope to have any chance at remaining in Our good graces…

This pathetic and literally burnt to a crisp piece of slave meat is trying to earn a regular place in Out stable, and it will endure countless more trials and tribulations to prove its worth and become a regular bitch slave for Myself and every other Mean Girl here at the Manor

Goddess Platinum

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