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The Mean Girls - Princess Mia - Princess Amber's Weekly Haul (1080 HD) - Shoe Fetish

The Mean Girls - Princess Mia - Princess Amber's Weekly Haul (1080 HD) - Shoe Fetish

Ok, so this is just basically like EVERY week for me. If I don’t stop by Mean Girl Manor for all my gifts for just like a week- they build up to like a mountain of gifts. It gets to the point that I need a whole team of house slaves just to open them for me, present them to me, organize them, and then clean up the mess from all the boxes!

Watch this clip to see me opening all my gifts and see that YES I get all your gifts, losers. And all of the online slaves of mine that spoiled me in this video will get pictures of me wearing their items and they will be allowed to take the next step of getting to serve me.

You need to buy & watch this clip if you bought me any of these items to see what I had to say about them. And you should also buy it if you haven’t bought me anything yet – but are thinking about it – and just wanna see that I’m 100% legit for real and already have like TONS of slaves serving me in real life! 😉 And they are ALL so fucking lucky just to be allowed the privilege of buying ME gifts…

The link to my wishlist is located on the AmericanMeanGirls members site by the way…and also my personal twitter.

Princess Amber

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