The Mean Girls – Princess Skylar – Where’s My Slave?- Part 1 (1080 HD) – Human Ashtray

The Mean Girls - Princess Skylar - Where's My Slave?- Part 1 (1080 HD) - Human Ashtray

So one of Our slaves ran away. Apparently it had gotten wind of our plan to sell him off to a gay guy in Romania. (Hey, he was paying us a LOT of $$$ for that slave! So what do we care what is done to him after he is sold off?? He is our PROPERTY and we can do whatever we want with him!!)

Anyways, I KNOW this fat-ass loser knows exactly where that other runaway slave is. So I have him restrained in our Torment chamber and I plan on extracting the other slave’s whereabouts from him- through any means necessary. Oh, and he WILL talk…trust me!

I toy with him, as I plan on having my fun with this… I start with blowing Smoke in his face (he hates this! haha) as I let him know exactly how bad this is going to be for him…

Then I begin by simply walking back and forth over his broken toes with my high-heeled boots. I burn him with my cigarette. (At one point, my still-lit cigarette butt rolls under fatass’s ballsac and is burning him like crazy!- and I just laugh!!)

Then I cruussh his balls under my boots as I twist my foot back & forth. I give him plenty of hard whacks to his big, swollen and tender testicles with my riding crop…ouch, that must hurt, huh?? And to make sure he can’t block my blows to his balls, I have his legs spread open using pulleys and cranks!!

Princess Skylar

Part 2

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