The Mean Girls – Principal Punishment (1080 HD) – Ashley, Chanel, Beverly

The Mean Girls - Principal Punishment (1080 HD) - Ashley, Chanel, Beverly

This is the third day in a row where the hottest girls in school are in detention for abusing the other kiids. (They made freshman “nerds” form a human carpet for them to walk on through the halls from class to class!) But now they are complaining to teacher Beverly that detention is boring. Principal, Mr. Lewis, said that his school is no place for shenanigans when he gave them detention. However, teacher Beverly explains that she won a bet with the principal and now he has to do ANYTHING she says. Teacher Beverly calls him into the detention to show the students that they should get revenge on the principal.

The hot teacher makes him strip in front of the laughing students. The principal is a real loser and must take kicks to the balls from the two hottest girls in the school. The girls repeatedly take turns kicking him in the nuts and laughing at how much of a loser he is.

Next, they really accentuate how pathetic n dumb he is by acting all sweet for a second (just to get seductively close to him) Just before they KNEE HIM in the nut sack! He falls for the girls sweet talk every time n ends up getting kneed in the balls repeatedly.

The principal is resigned to his fate as a loser for the girls and now must kneel before the girls and get kicked in the balls while they are not even really paying any attention to him. He has to shuffle back and forth between the girls chairs for a never ending series of ball kicks as they swing their legs.

Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel, Princess Beverly

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