The Mean Girls – Slave Karaoke – Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly

The Mean Girls - Slave Karaoke - Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly

One big part of being a slave at MGM is providing entertainment for the girls. Princess Beverly n Superior Goddess Brooke get an idea to make their slaves sing karaoke by turning the TV into a karaoke machine. Princess Beverly and Superior Goddess Brooke are sitting on the couch floggers in hand while the slaves are kneeling naked and leashed in front of them. They decide 2 have a karaoke signing contest between the two slaves. Each slave gets a turn to impress his princess. The winner gets to worship his Princesses feet while the loser gets punished. To make the contest even more entertaining the slaves are singing into a butt plug “microphone” and every time they miss a note they`re flogged.

This clip is just pure entertainment for Princess Beverly n Superior Goddess Brooke. They have a great time laughing at the slave’s terrible attempts to sing and beating them with their floggers. I like this because it shows how the slaves around MGM are always being used in some way. If there aren’t currently any chores to be done then they`ll just be used for entertainment on a whim. Also, the outfit that Superior Goddess Brooke is wearing in this one is worth the price of the clip alone. Superior Goddess Brooke looks amazing in her ultra-skimpy see through dress displaying a massive amount of cleavage. There is even a nip-slip and panty flash as the tiny dress is too small to completely cover Superior Goddess Brooke.

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