The Mean Girls – Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Bella – Cat-o-Nine Tails Punishment (1080 HD)

The Mean Girls - Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Bella - Cat-o-Nine Tails Punishment (1080 HD)

All girls love cats – that’s just a given. Nice girls, mean girls…ALL girls think cats are just the best. And any creep that would mistreat a cat needs to suffer, am I right? So me and Brooke found out that this loser was mistreating my BFF’s cat when we sent him over to clean her apartment for her – and now we`re going to make him pay. (Ok so tbh, we heard he only gently nudged the cat out of the way when it walked across the wet spot on the floor where he was cleaning for her – but we don’t care. Any excuse to punish a male is fun for us!) So we promised our friend that since we`re “Mean Girls”, we will take care of him for her! (And even videotape it so she can watch later!)

We decide that a “cat-o-nine tails” might be fun! (And like sooo appropriate, considering his offense!) So we start by beating him with some of those. But that doesn’t hurt enough…so we have to get out the “big gunns” n really punish him! We break out this big nasty one that just hits him like a ton of bricks (apparently, from what we can tell it hurts a LOT…but of course, we wouldn’t know personally LOL.) But trust us, when we`re done with this creep he will never mistreat a cat ever again…

Watch the video and let us know if you think he is in enough pain! LOL! To be honest, we feel like we`re so freaking hot that he was lucky just to be beaten by us – no matter how bad the beating was!!

Princess Bella

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