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The Real Queendom - Beta Beta Beta Bitch Boy - Face Sitting

The Real Queendom - Beta Beta Beta Bitch Boy - Face Sitting

An Li is the queen of the Alpha Alpha Alpha sorority house. As a member of Alpha Alpha Alpha, An Li would never consider dating or even being friends with a loser from the Beta Beta Beta house. Beta bitches exist only to serve Alphas and that is exactly what this beat bitch is learning! An Li zipped him up into a tight rest sack that keeps him fully restrained and helpless, just how she likes beta bitches to be! This virgin bitch actually believed he had a chance with An Li, but really An Li wants to keep this little bitch as her helpless, cuckold, virgin slave for the rest of his life! “I want you to think about how you’ll never, ever be good enough for this,” An Li says as she lowers her big, sexy butt on to the bitches face. “While my perfect ass is on your face I want you to think about how you’ll never be good enough for me,” she says as she smothers his face. “The best you could ever hope to be is to be my little cuckold slut!” Her bitch tries to object, but his face is lost in An Li’s ass and the longer he stays there the more he falls under her spell. This loser has never been so close to a woman and certainly has never felt a woman’s ass grinding on his fac!. “I want you to forget about anyone ever taking your virginity away,” she says as she brings her ass down on his face again. She bounces hard of the bitch’s face while laughing at the slapping sounds it makes and the desperate gasps her bitch makes! With the sleepsack zipped up around him the bitch can’t resist An Li in any way and has no choice but to take whatever she dishes out and An Li plans to never stop dishing out abuse to her new bitch! When she’s done smothering her new bitch she heads out to fuck her boyfriend all night! When she’s done she’s going to come back, sit on her bitches face, and tell him all about it!

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