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The Real Queendom - Smothered Under Starry - Face Sitting

The Real Queendom - Smothered Under Starry - Face Sitting

“So you want to try extreme smothering?” Mistress Starry asks her slave. The slave is zipped up tight in the rest sack and completely at the mercy of Miss Starry and her 42 inch ass! “Let’s see how you handle this,” Starry says as she sits down full weight on his face. “Be careful what you ask for,” she says before butt dropping on his face for another long smother. She laughs at how red his face gets when she can see it. Most of the time the slave’s face is completely buried under her big, sexy butt! When she turns around for reverse sitting you can see the slave’s face get swallowed up between her cheeks. No matter which way he tries to turn his head all he finds is ass everywhere! “I love this game because I choose when you get to breathe!” Starry laughs while the slave starts to squirm and beg for air beneath her. The slave asked for an extreme smother session and that’s exactly what he’s going to get! Trapped int he rest sack there’s no escaping and Miss Starry doesn’t play to let him go anytime soon. “I’ll come back and deal with you later,” she say, leaving her slave breathless and waiting to be smothered again.

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