The Submission Room – The Hunteress, Miss Zoe Page – F225 Owning the Bitch Boy

The Submission Room - The Hunteress, Miss Zoe Page - F225 Owning the Bitch Boy

Miss Zoe teams up with the legend that is The Hunteress, to take the Submission Room big guy apart. He’s big and he’s got muscles, but he’s not a wrestler and two on one always wins. There’s some great trash talking in this 30 minute clip. The big guy thinks the 2 girls are no match for him and struts around the Submission Room like he owns the place. But he’s about to find out that these 2 girls are a match for him, and he’s also about to find that he’s the one that gets owned. While Zoe distracts him with a headlock, The Hunteress pulls his legs from under him n down to the mats he goes (and stays) as the 2 wrestlers sit on him, scissor him and apply an ingenious selection of arm locks n choke holds. There are some great views of the Hunteress showing off her athletic figure and strong, muscly arms, as she forces more than one submission from the big guy. And how else could we possible describe Zoe other than delightfully charming, with the most quintessential English accent u could possibly imagine. So take a few minutes out and imagine these 2 wrestlers sitting on u and pinning you down. You wouldn’t be going anywhere… but then again, maybe you wouldn’t want to.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, The Hunteress, Interracial Domination, Miss Zoe, Wrestling, Cuckolding, Cucky, Cuckold, Cuck, Zoe Page, Dual Domination, Double Domination Trash Talking, Choke Hold

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