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The Whipping Game Continues


My games continue with u slaves. I’ve not beaten u to my liking just yet. Yes, u are pink as pigs but now I want u as red as washington apples. Don’t flinch nor cry or I will beat u twice as hard.

The game is about discipline. If u do not have enough self discipline to control yourself and take this beating with a stone cold face, u will pay. I will wipe the tears from your face with my whip. I’ll pick them off one by one like a sniper.

Now u will switch with your partner. It is his turn to feel me strike him roughly with my leather. U get to embrace the sound, teasing your senses and making you long for the physical sensation. Patience is the next part of the game. U will patiently wait until it is your turn again to feel the brisk blows reddening your back.

Mistress An Li




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