TheRealQueendom – Ass For Days Part 5 [Face Sitting, Ass Smothering]

TheRealQueendom - Ass For Days Part 5 [Face Sitting, Ass Smothering]

Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let’s call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos!

Its been a very, very long day of filming and smothering and Madam Jada is ready to take a break and have some snacks, but the smother marathon is still on so Mr. Ass won’t be getting a break. Instead his battered face will continue to serve as Madam Jada’s seat while she eats and relaxes for awhile. Jada gets so comfortable in fact that she quickly forgets about Mr. Ass and his annoying need to breathe! Jada sits full weight for pretty much the entire video, crus**** her seat’s face beneath big, sexy booty. She keeps the pressure on the full clip and keeps her ass planted on her seat’s face for the entire clip, not getting at all! Over and over again she pushes Mr. Ass to the point of desperation, but by this point he is far to weak and tired to do more than squirm and try to get Jada’s attention. Each time Jada let’s her seat breathe she simply rolls slightly to her side, revealing Mr. Ass’s purple face for a moment or two before burying it again! After enduring another 20 minutes of intense face sitting, Mr. Ass hopes that the marathon is nearly over, but unfortunately for him Madam Jada isn’t even close to finished!

Part 4

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