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femaledom on The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Branding My Bitch (1080 HD) - Burning
16 Jun, 2020

please more upload mean girls...
Johnhaze on Princess Bella - Face Slapping Frustration Relief (1080 HD) - Humiliation
12 Jun, 2020

I love Princess Bella and respect h...

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Tiffani Asks Becky to Be Your Cuckysitter - MP4

Tiffani Asks Becky to Be Your Cuckysitter - MP4

Tiffani is fed up with you! She has put you into punishment diapers n decided to start dating other men. Real men! Tiffani asks her best friend Becky to come over n sit for the whiny little diaper brat while she goes out with her new boyfriend. You`re in for it because Becky is an experienced, no-nonsense sitter. Becky notices that you made a squishy in your diaper while watching Tiffani get ready for date, so she proceeds to give you a humiliating diaper change. Because you did a naughty number three sticky mess, you have to wear a chastity cage beneath your punishment diapers! Becky & Tiffani scold you n flick your little nubby down to size until Becky can lock your naughty nubby firmly into chastity. Then, to keep u from doing anything stinky in the seat of your diapers, Tiffani gives Sitter Becky a “pookie pacifier” – a butt plug! Becky lubricates your pluggy n forces your cheeks apart, just like she’s taking your rectal temperature, until your pluggy is firmly in place. Once you are in chastity, plugged, diapered and emasculated in sissy rhumba panties, its time for your feeding! Tiffani reveals two massive condoms loaded with yum-yums from her new boyfriend for your din-dins. Tiffani empties the humiliating goo into a feeding dish. Finally, Tiffani n Becky take turns spoon-feeding the diaper cucky crybaby. Open wide, cucky!

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503 mb
23 min

06 Jun 2016

Thank U Garry again.
Is only thanks but.. once again thanks!

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