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TortureTime - Slave Pampers Astrodominas Tired and Sweaty Feet - Asian

TortureTime - Slave Pampers Astrodominas Tired and Sweaty Feet - Asian

Now that Astrodomina is finished prodding her slave in “Helplessly Prodded” and earlier in “No Whimpers Allowed While I Destroy You With My Paddles”, she brings him back to her throne where she tortured him earlier in “Orgasm Denied” & “Slap Happy Astrodomina” and her feet really could use some pampering since they have been in her leather boots all day while she has been tormenting her slave. Astrodomina has Fluffy slowly remove her first boot as he gets a whiff of Astromina’s sweaty feet, mixed with the smell of fresh leather, which immediately hooks Fluffy, but before he is allowed to worship and pamper his Goddess’ feet, Astrodomina didn’t want her gorgeous leather boots to go with some pampering of their own, so she has Fluffy gently kiss and worship her other boot before allowing him to gently remove it as he did the other. Astrodomina has Fluffy kiss one foot gently as she gently rubbed it across his face as he massaged her other foot and would switch feet before eventually having him grab a bondage table and place it beneath her thrown. She has him lay down as she would continue rubbing her bare feet all over his face as she continues rubbing, even occasionally smother him with both of her feet when she decided to give Fluffy some break time from massaging her feet. The day is not quite over and Astrodomina still has some more plans for Fluffy before she is done with him. Stay Tuned for more to come!

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