Tragic Lessons

Tragic Lessons

So u have a thing 4 getting used n abused by your hot teacher? Well, why not ask an acting coach 2 kick u in the balls repeatedly to help u with your acting lessons? After all, it would help if u could really feel the pa1n n get into the role of someone that just got some bad news or something.

N wouldn’t it be sooo hot if your acting coach was me? Someone that is sadistic n really enjoyed giving u pain n laughing in your face while I smash your balls and humiliate u?

Let’s get started… Hi hubby, I want a divorce (WHAM)… That wincing of pain in your face wasn’t quite right…let’s try again (WHAM) (KICK) (SMASH). Yup, I see kicking u in the balls is really going 2 help your acting career.

Sooo sorry 4 laughing at your pain… Not really but anyway… Now sing the “I’m a Little Tea Pot” song while I kick u in the balls over and OVER and OOOVERRR!

Goddess Nikkole

Keywords: Humiliation, Ballbusting, Young Mistress

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