Triple Testicle Tagteam

Triple Testicle Tagteam

This is the 1st time We at Mean Girls have met the famous “Amadahy”! And she is about to team up with MistressNo n Princess Mya… poor slaves… LOL!
MistressNo decides 2 pull her slave out of a closet where she was storing it, and turn it’s testicles over 2 the other girls 2 kick as much as they want, and as HARD as they want! It soon becomes a contest 2 see who can kick them the hardest… and eventually the girls are taking turns, with 2 girls are holding the slave up so the third girl can “get a clear shot” at its balls!

Eventually the slave can take no more, collapsing on the floor at our feet, and Amadahy decides 2 show the rest of us how to “finish it” with a nice, solid leg-lock until it… (need 2 watch the clip!)

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Scissor

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9 min

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