Tutored In Trampling (1080 HD)

Tutored In Trampling (1080 HD)

Superior Goddess Brooke is really a great girl. Up till now she has been a lone wolf mean girl her whole life but shes fitting into the MGM like hand n glove. Today I found out she has never walked on a man well I mean she walks over men all the time but not like we do, we LITERALLY walk on men with our sharp pointy heels LOL. We have the perfect slave to do it on too. He has been fucking up all day and everyone here is really pissed at him so he is the perfect guinea pig 2 torture. Its always a lot more fun when we find a slave that really deserves it. So we get to it and take turns standing on this scrawny runt. We he is in total agony n looking like he cant take anymore we tell him exactly what we think of him and bombard him with verbal humiliation. Brooke is taking to this like fish to water I love her meanness so much Im sure we will be the greatest of BFF s.

And the best part is, this is slave is like a teeny-tiny little “man”. And Superior Goddess Brooke is pretty much an Amazon Goddess at almost Six feet tall. So poooor slave… LOL! NOT! Oh, and did I mention Im wearing my needle-thin Jimmy Choo stiletto heels?? Oh yeah, we had some fun on this loser… and he could NOT take it…

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess Beverly, Beverly, Princess, Trampling, Superior Goddess Brooke, Foot Domination, Crush, Body Busting, Crushing, Double Domination

1480 mb
11 min

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