U are gonna love my new toy… at least I will

U are gonna love my new toy... at least I will

JC Simpson came 2 visit Lance, and she’s been kicking him in the nuts a lot. She also got him horny, and left him on the couch all night with blue balls, because she thought it was funny. Now, in this clip, she’s got a new toy that she wants 2 play with, and he’s the first victim…

She has a strapon that has a vibrating insertion 4 her pussy, so she can get off while she fucks his ass…. She tells him that she might quit kicking him in the balls if he lets her fck him with it, and she’s pretty convincing as she explains this 2 Lance with her foot on his balls…………………………..

JC fucks him long n hard until she cums with her big pink dick in his ass…

JC Simpson is very sweet n encouraging while she dominates his ass. She loves the fucking him this way, whether he likes it or not, and she looks dirty sexy with pig tails, thigh highs, and glasses.

Keywords: Femdom, Strapon, Ball Stomp, Threats, Sweet Talk, Thigh Highs, Pig Tails

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