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JohnHaze on CRUEL MISTRESSES – Sharpshooter Amanda - Mistress Amanda
11 Jul, 2020

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femaledom on The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Branding My Bitch (1080 HD) - Burning
16 Jun, 2020

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Using Your Feet For Revenge!

Foot Worship

Queen Kasey’s pretty blonde niece Sierra is telling her about a popular, cocky boy at school that used to tease her and be mean to her when they were younger. But now that they are older, she notices that he is always staring at her FEET in their college classes that they take together. She wonders if there is some connection between this odd behavior and these “slaves” that she is learning about from her aunt? “Aunt Kasey” assures her that there IS! He is a FOOT-FREAK that is ripe for ENSLAVEMENT! And she will show her EXACTLY how to use her FEET to turn him into her SLAVE! Queen Kasey instructs her niece to invite him over to “study”…and she will take it from there! When the boy comes over to study, niece Sierra begins dangling her shoe…of course, he becomes so distracted that he can’t concentrate. Now that Sierra knows all about foot-slaves and actually realizes what is going on, she just giggles at how pathetic it is- and does it even MORE! (Now her shoe is BARELY hanging on the tip of her toe and the loser looks like he is practically drooling and going to fall out of his seat!) After she mentions that her feet are sore, it doesn’t take long before the boy is on his knees, rubbing and eventually even hesitantly, gently kissing Sierra’s feet! (After she tells him seductively to “kiss them for me”.) Just then Aunt Kasey comes bursting in with her cellphone – which she has been using to record the whole thing! And she is gong to put it on FACEBOOOK! Unless….this bitch learns its PLACE and does WHATEVER her niece wants! And that includes a LOT of worshipping her FEET that he seems to be so distracted by! He will be HUMBLE and OBEDIENT to her from now on!! Or ELSE!!! “Call me PRINCESS Sierra from now on! And if I tell you to KISS MY FEET walking down the hallway right in front of my friends- you will DO it!!” Aunt Kasey is so proud of her niece…her first very own SLAVE! (The first of many, she is sure…)

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