Walking All Over Step Daddy

Walking All Over Step Daddy

Princess Cindi calls her step daddy in and demands a raise. She is a total brat and bosses her step daddy around because she doesn’t like him and thinks he is an old loser and not good enough for her mom. Plus she knows he is like OBSESSED with her. She knows how hot she is and he is always staring at her. AND she caught him recently peeping on her while she was changing! So he WILL do whatever she says- and she wants a RAISE IN HER ALLOWANCE!

But Cindi’s stepdadddy BEGS her not to take more money from him. He already gives her $500 a week and her mom takes everything else! He literally gets on his knees and begs. But Cindi knows she is the boss of this old man. She orders him to lay down on the FLOOR at her feet- and he HAS to do it or she will tell her mom EVERYTHING about him peeping on her and she will divorce him in a HEARTBEAT- and he knows it.

So he does as he is commanded by this petite little girl less than half his size and have his age. And Cindi proceeds to heartlessly WALK ALL OVER HIM- in her STILETTO HEELS. Her step-daddy is quickly SCREAMING and WINCING in PAIN. while she condescendingly and mockingly demands her raise in allowance. Cindi has him COMPLETELY at her mercy now, and decides that an “allowance” is BS anyway- he will get a second job for her! And one entire PAYCHECK will go to her, and the other one will go to her mom from now on!

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