Who’s Ass Is Deadliest?

Who's Ass Is Deadliest?

This slave gets me and Mistress Harley’s big asses In his face in this fluffy king size bed. If u want 2 see how he does without air u should watch this video. This may be the price u pay 4 “going 2 bed” with a couple of M3an G1rls! haha! We decide 2 see who’s ass and who’s outfit can restrict its airflow the best…any guesses on who wins?? Oh and at the end the “winner” sits on its passd-out face one last time n forces out a little puff of “air” out of her butt into the slave’s face just 2 disrespect it a little more! LOL

But u`ll need 2 watch the clip 2 see which Goddess has the deddliest ass…! ;)

Keywords: Facesitting, Female Domination, Femdom, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Mistress

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