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Wonder woman takes out Batman

Wonder woman takes out Batman

Wonder Woman has been requested to protect Fort Knox from gangsters. However, batman is not happy as he believes he is the top super hero. He comes 2 Fort Knox to confront WW and is angry, pointing the finger at WW and telling her to get out of town. Naturally WW is not too happy at this n punches BM knocking to the floor where she get him in a forward scissor position. She is choking BM telling him that he should not mess with her as she could take him out by snapping his neck. She decides not too and releases him. Standing astride above him she tells him how she is much more powerful than he could ever be and decides she is going to get rid of him. She tells him she is going to use her finest asset to do it. Drop down to sit on his chest n bounce a couple of times to knock the air from him. Slowly inch up to his neck and squeeze his head between your thighs. You tell him that it is time to sit on his face n remove his mask. Tell him how ugly he is and how y ou can help change his facial features before you squash his face with your ass. Start to sit on his face in the squatting position. Tell him how you just happen to love facesitting and you`re going to sit and squash the life out of him. Use all the great facesitting positions and talk as much as you like!! I love it!. During the facesitting, include some reverse scissors (my new love). Near the end stand above him again before dropping on to his chest. tell him that the bat must die before sitting on his face n smothering him out. When finished, use a victory pose to tell us that no one beats Wonder woman.

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