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Worship The Wolfe - 165 Hard Kicks To The Balls By Goddess Wolfe

Worship The Wolfe - 165 Hard Kicks To The Balls By Goddess Wolfe

I was preparing to make a ballbusting video with my new slave, and wondering which of three pair of boots or a new pair of shoes with a mental design would be the most painful on my new slave’s balls. Then I realized I could just test them out! Watch this raw, organic recording of me testing out each pair of boots and the stilettos for 2 minutes each, letting him choose the order. Before we start, I kick him three times in the balls in my stilettos to make sure he is able to take it.and he definitely is! For the 1st 2 minutes, I wear my red laced knee-high boots to deliver 35 hard kicks in various positions to my slave’s balls. Next, I wear the shoes with the metal design, which I knew would be painful on my feet, but I also knew would be painful on my slave’s nuts, to deliver 23 hard kicks. After the mental shoes, my feet are very happy to be secured in my leather boots to kick my slave even harder 33 times in different positions. I switch to the shiny black thigh high boots, and they are the obvious winner. I kick my slave 11 times before he has to call the safe word. In post review, it seems that the way the boot curves up is perfect for impact with the balls Anyway, then I finish him off with 60 hard kicks in five minutes, causing him to use the safe word twice, but my slave was a champion and finished out the five minutes! Afterwards, my slave drops to the floor n profusely thanks me for inflicting such pleasurable pain to his balls. A true honor for him, and absolute bliss for me! If you like powerful women who genuinely love beating the fuck out of men’s balls, you`ll absolutely LOVE this video!

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