You Are Protected So You Can Take IT Full!

You Are Protected So You Can Take IT Full!

He has been hanging four days now. In her last clip, Missy nearly rupture his balls with her kicks. So, to prevent further damage Missy put a cup on him. It will save him from a rupture but it will not save him from being sore! He takes kicks after kick n punch after punch. This pervert predator is receiving everything at full force as he is hanging helpless in front of her. Missy practices many of her self defense drills n then tells him that she wants to bring a few of her friends over from herself defense class to practice on him. Now that would be hot!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Boxing, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Ballkicking, Balls Busting, Ball Kicking, Missy

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