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Garry on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hi Emilek. Fixed now....
emilek on Mandy Marx - CEI Punishment Clinic - Young Mistress
04 Jun, 2020

Hey Garry, can you reupload it? Bec...

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Young Goddess Kim - Bedroom Service (Full HD)

Young Goddess Kim - Bedroom Service (Full HD)

I return from taking this bitch out for a walk, leading it in by it’s collar and chain while it crawls on all fours behind Me. Today the slave has the very high honour of serving Me in the bedroom. I allow the slave to serve Me, starting ofcourse by making it lick My filthy patent high heels spotlessly clean while on his knees before Me, before making him My human carpet that I stand over while it cleans My soles thoroughly. I use the carpet’s face n body, wiping the bottoms of My shoes hard over it then watching it squirm beneath My sharp heels as I dig them into its sensitive nipples. It’s such a useless carpet, maybe it`ll be a better cushion. I enjoy finding out whether the slaves face is a comfortable cushion as I order it to position its head on the edge of My bed and then sit right down on its face, covering its mouth and nose with My latex clad behind. Whilst seated on the human cushion I slowly remove My gloves, taking My time while I know it struggles for air underneath Me. I need to adjust position a few times on its pathetic face. I control the slaves every movement and now I control its air too, slave is nothing but My object. I’ve My amusement out of it and then recline with a book while it serves by fanning Me as I order. Goddess’ pleasure is slave’s purpose.

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14 Dec 2017

Fantastic, Thank You

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