Your Balls Are Fucked Now

Your Balls Are Fucked Now

Michelle Peters leads Lance into a strange barn under the guise that they are about 2 hook up. When he asks about the hooks hanging from the ceiling, she smiles sweetly n knees him in the balls… Right about then, Lance’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Grace walks in…

After Lance n Alexis broke up, she turned gay and started hooking up with Michelle. They came up with an evil plot 2 terrorize her ex, starting with destroying his balls.

They flirt with each other n giggle as they brutally kick, squeeze, pull, twist, and knee his balls. He begs 4 them 2 stop, but they are just having too much fun. Alexis tells Lance that if he begs her 2 fuck him with a strap-on, they will stop. He tells her no way, so they go even harder…

[4 real, this is the hardest ball busting I’ve taken in a very long time]

Finally Lance begs 4 them 2 humiliate him by fucking him in the ass. They continue 2 demolish his balls 4 a while, then leave him hanging from the ceiling 2 get changed and put on their extra big strap-on dicks…

to be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Hard Ballbusting, Hard Kicks, Two Girl Ballbusting, Yoga Pants, Leggings, Heels, Sneakers, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Giggling Femdom, Young Mistress

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