Your manhood is 4 sale 2

Your manhood is 4 sale 2

Cammy n Rene sit Lance down on the couch n tell him that now that they have busted his balls, it’s time 2 fuck. He’s really excited until Rene shows him her big purple strapon

He doesn’t want 2 take it in the ass, but Cammy tells him in a sweet way, while she has his balls in her hand that she’s going 2 rip them off if he doesn’t do what they want.

Rene goes 2 town on his ass while Cammy teases him with her pussy. He has 2 sniff and smell her pussy, knowing he can’t have it while Rene humiliates him from behind. Cammy even pulls out a big pink dick n makes him suck it while he gets fucked.

They let him know that they are going 2 fuck him this way until he likes it, so he better just submit. If he doesn’t submit, they are going 2 cut his balls off

to be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Strapon, Emasculation Talk, Shiny Tights, Lingerie, Teddy, Leotard, Pig Tails, Humiliation, Dildo Sucking, Pussy Smelling

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