Your Show is Over – Lidia

Your Show is Over - Lidia

Well, this clip turned out to be very hot n complete clip. Lidia is a very sensual n natural Latina, with a great ass. Wearing a short red dress and perfectly fitting black panties, she comes home to watch her TV show, but he is laying on the couch, asleep while watching his show. She wakes him n wants the remote, but he wants it back n tries to take it… this is the plot, but Lidia simply takes over, and this makes for a great clip. Sitting on his face and now using him as a couch, she makes herself comfortable while delighting us with great views. Her reverse sitting is fantastic, on top of her great verbal play. He struggles and tries to get out of this, but he has no choice but to stay under her sweaty n smelly ass, something she reminds him of constantly… Aside from perfect facesitting, riding, grinding and dancing on his face, she’ll deliver one of THE best endings here, as she removes her panties and remounts his face, she farts on his face (barely audible)…”Oops sorry about that, just farted on your face!” as the poor guy has to absorb it, he tries to turn away and she holds his head in…. Oh, he is quite DONE in the end, as she leaves him out on the couch… and by the way, he missed his show.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Lidia, Latina, Facesitting, Farting, Face Sitting, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Ass Smothering, Ass Smother

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10 min

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