Your Stupid Love Note (1080 HD)

Your Stupid Love Note (1080 HD)

So I found your stupid ‘love note’ on my car windshield, loser. Do u SERIOUSLY think you have any chance with me?? You got like SO happy when I called you into my bedroom like this. But I’ve got bad news 4 you – it was just so me n my friend Adrianna could laugh right in your face about your note 2 me. We think it is SO funny how long you have been like totally obsessed with me! But she does make a good point… maybe I could find some use for you? Since youre like “sooo” obsessed with me… you`ll really do anything to be around me, right?? Ok, well we have some ideas for you then. And this is the only way I`m allowing you in my life. Oh, and did I mention you will need to let my BFF Adrianna use you for whatever she wants and let her treat you like crap too? You are seriously ok with that?? LOL ok! Oh, and we both have boyfriends too, so we will need to make sure its ok with them that we keep some loser bitch like you around. Hmmm… how can we make sure they are ok with it… wait, I have an idea! :)

Princess Kendall

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, POV, Princess Kendall, Kendall, Princess Adriana, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Cuckolding, Foot Licking, Cuckold, Footworship, Findom

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